Los Angeles Photographer & Videographer Niko Necoechea was born in the San Fernando Valley. He is a graduate from the Los Angeles Film School with an associate’s degree in Science and Film. After his directorial debut in 2011 he earned a nomination for his Music Video “So High” at the New Media Film Festival. After graduating from school Niko began to work for Wind Productions as their head video editor for the next four years, later he left Wind Prodcutions to work for LA’s Arsenic Magazine as their Client Digital Director and Snapchat Producer. His work is noticed by his impeccable distinguished taste in edits, colors, and style. His photography has been published in multiple magazines such as: ForGuys Magazine, Skyn Magazine, and Modelmodele Magazine. He was introduced to photography at the age of 8 and enjoys exploring new areas and ideas for his work. He is usually carrying one of his many cameras in hand to shoot new places, random people, and buildings;  this helps motivate and inspire his next big project. In just under a year he has become a social media influencer on Instagram and Snapchat. His growth on social media and consistent work ethic has allowed him to collaborate with multiple brands and well known models.